Weld Analyzer

The Weld Analyzer offers the engineering professional the facilities to analyze, fault-find and improve process quality on today's sophisticated welding control systems.




  • Small and lightweight allowing for easy portability
  • Reads waveforms from 50 Hz upwards
  • Traceable accuracy
  • Data archiving


  • Flexible Coils – 3" or 12" diameter
  • Attenuator – range multiplier for up to 300kA
  • 10 meter Extension Cable


  • Intuitive, flexible interface
  • LCD 128x64 pixels FSTN with yellow/green backlight
  • Auto power-off
  • AC or MFDC operation
  • USB connection
  • Integrator output for oscilloscope connection
  • WA Terminal software
  • Includes 6 foot flexible coil, batteries and carrying case

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