EN1000/EN1001 Cascade

Cascade/Multi-Valve Controls

The EN1000/EN1001 Cascade/Multi-Valve Control is ideal for programming schedules for single or multiple transformer resistance welding machines with multiple valve operations.

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Brochure: 780046-0414.pdf

Wiring Diagrams

EN1000 Cascade Controls
421214-023: EN1000-(1-8) Series, 230/380/460/575V
421214-024: EN1000-(1-8)(SCR), 230/380/460/575V
421214-030: EN1000/S99/TSS-(1-8) Series, 460VAC
421214-034: EN1000/S99-(1-8) Series, 230/380/460/575V
421214-035: EN1000/VE-(1-8) Series, 230/380/460/575V
421214-037: EN1000/S99-(1-8) Series, 230/380/460/575V with DC Valve Output
421214-038: EN1000-(1-8) Series, 230/380/460/575V with DC Valve Output
421214-039: EN1000-(1-8) Series/232, 230/380/460/575V
421214-040: EN1000-(1-8) Series/TSS, 280/380/460/575V
421214-051: EN1000/VE/TSS-(1-8) Series, 230/380/460/575V with DC Valve Output
421214-042: EN1000/VE/S99-(1-8) Series, 230/380/460/575V with DC Valve Output
421214-043: EN1000/S99/485-(1-8) Series, 230/380/460/575V
421214-044: EN1000-(1-8)(SCR)/232, 230/380/460/575V
421214-048: EN1000/VE/485-(1-8) Series, 230/380/460/575V
421214-050: EN1000/485-(1-8) Series, 230/380/460/575V
EN1001 Cascade Controls
421438-004: EN1001-(1-8) Series, 230/380/460/575V
421438-005: EN1001-(1-8)(SCR), 230/380/460/575V
421438-007: EN1001/VE-(1-8) Series, 230/380/460/575V
421438-008: EN1001-(1-8) Series/485, 230/380/460/575V
421438-011: EN1001/S99-(1-8) Series, 230/380/460/575V with DC Valve Output
421438-012: EN1001-(1-8) Series, 230/380/460/575V with DC Valve Output
421438-013: EN1001/VE/485-(1-8) Series/SP, 230/380/460/575V, SP=J4B for MM8
421438-017: EN1001-(1-8)(SCR), 230/380/460/575V with DC Valve Output
421438-019: EN1001/S99-(1-8) Series, 230/380/460/575V
421438-020: EN1001/VE/S99-(1-8) Series, 230/380/460/575V
421438-021: EN1001/TSS-(1-8) Series, 230/380/460/575V



  • 100 Unique Schedules
  • Chained and Successive Modes
  • Repeat / Non-Repeat
  • Weld and Valve Control Relays
  • 8/16 Valve Output Available
  • Multiple Weld Programming
  • Multiple Job Set-ups
  • Easily Programmed
  • Program only the functions required
  • Up to 8 SCRs





  • Spot Sequence
  • Pulsation Sequence
  • Upslope / Downslope
  • Quench / Temper
  • Forge Delay
  • Multiple Weld/Multiple Current Sequence
  • Preheat / Postheat
  • External Schedule Select
  • Process and Error Outputs
  • Seam Sequence

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