Constant Current/Multiple Sequence Controls

The EN1001 Series Constant Current Control is ideal for programming schedules where changing conditions such as line voltage variation, size and shape of the secondary, or the introduction of ferrous material in the secondary are of concern and current compensation is desired.

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Brochure: 780048-0414.pdf

Wiring Diagrams

E Cabinet
421268: EN1001-Series, E Cabinet
421268-001: EN1001-Series, E Cabinet, 380VAC
421268-002: EN1001-Series/232, E Cabinet
421268-003: EN1001-Series/RDH, E Cabinet
421268-008: EN1001-(IGN)/(SCR), E Cabinet
421268-009: EN1001/VS-Series, E Cabinet
421268-010: EN1001/S49-Series/485, E Cabinet
421268-011: EN1001-Series/485, E Cabinet
421268-012: EN1001/S49-Series, E Cabinet
D/T/LS/LF Cabinet
421269: EN1001-Series, D/T/LS/LF Cabinet
421269-001: EN1001-Series, D/T/LS/LF Cabinet, 380VAC
421269-006: EN1001-Series/232, D/T/LS/LF Cabinet
421269-007: EN1001/VS-Series, D/T/LS/LF Cabinet
421269-014: EN1001-Series/485, D/T/LS/LF Cabinet
421269-018: EN1001/S49-Series, D/T/LS/LF Cabinet
421269-023: EN1001-3200, D/T Cabinet, 380VAC
421269-027: EN1001/1/2/S49-Series, D/T/LS/LF Cabinet
421269-028: EN1001/S49-Series/232, D/T/LS/LF Cabinet
421269-029: EN1001-1200/SP, D/T/LS/LF Cabinet, SP=24VDC Valve Output & Power Supply
421269-030: EN1001/S49/SP-3200/RDH, LS/LF Cabinet, SP=Customer Supplied Circuit Breaker & Contactor Mounting
421269-031: EN1001-Series/485/SP, D/T/LS/LF Cabinet, SP=24VDC Valve Output & Power Supply
421269-033: EN1001/1/2-Series, D/T/LS/LF Cabinet
421269-034: EN1001-Series/FPIx, D/T/LS/LF Cabinet
S Cabinet
421270: EN1001-Series, S Cabinet
421270-001: EN1001-Series, S Cabinet, 380VAC
421270-002: EN1001-Series/232, S Cabinet
421270-003: EN1001/1/2-Series, S Cabinet
421270-007: EN1001-Series/485, S Cabinet
421270-008: EN1001/S49-Series, S Cabinet
D/T Cabinet with Ground Fault
421377: EN1001-300/GF, D/T Cabinet
421377-001: EN1001(TGA)-1200/GF/485, D/T Cabinet, with S Connector & 24VAC Valve Transformer
421377-002: EN1001(TGA)-1200/GF, D/T Cabinet, with or without S Connector & with 24VAC Valve Transformer
421377-003: EN1001-300/GF, D/T Cabinet, with CES Connector & 24VAC Valve Transformer
421377-004: NK1001-1200/GF, D/T Cabinet, with Connector for NIMAK Gun & 24VDC Valves
421377-005: EN1001-1200/GF, D/T Cabinet
421377-007: EN1001-1200/GF, D/T Cabinet, with CES Connector, 24VAC Valve Transformer & Circuit Breaker
421377-009: EN1001/ERG-1200, D/T Cabinet, with ERG Connector for ERGOLINE Gun & 24VDC Valves & Power Supply
421377-010: EN1001-1200/GF/SP, D/T Cabinet, SP=24VDC Valve Output
421377-011: EN1001/PW-1200, D/T Cabinet, with PW Connector for PW Gun & 24VDC Valves & Power Supply
C Cabinet
421499: EN1001-Series, C Cabinet
421499-001: EN1001-Series/485, C Cabinet
421499-002: EN1001-Series, C Cabinet, DC Valve Outputs



  • Front Panel layout permits quick access to all needed parameters
  • Program only functions required
  • Multiple Weld Programs
  • Multiple Current Sequence
  • Preheat / Postheat
  • Multiple Job Schedule Storage
  • Quench / Temper
  • Flash / Butt Welding
  • Diverse schedule capabilities provide maximum application versatility
  • All Current Sensors permit Current Monitoring with High and Low limits
  • Welding Transformer ratio measurements not required for proper Constant Current Operation in percent mode with primary sensor



  • Spot Sequence
  • Pulsation Sequence
  • Seam Sequence
  • Upslope / Downslope
  • Chained and Successive Modes
  • External Schedule Select
  • Process and Error Outputs
  • Five Programmable Stepper Counters
  • 50 Schedules
  • Repeat / Non-Repeat
  • 3 Valve Outputs
  • Schedule to Schedule copy

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