Welder Interlock

Reduces Power Requirements

The Welder Interlock is designed for applications with more than one NEMA S2H welding control (with valve output and interlocking pressure switch) connected on the same power line. The main purpose is to allow only one welder to weld at a time, when more than one welder is initiated on the same power bus that cannot support the demands of more than one control.




  • Interlock welding machines so only one weld control can weld at a time
  • When used with ENTRON Controls, Squeeze and Hold can be removed from cycle time


  • Reduction of peak demand costs
  • Eliminate simultaneous welding of multiple machines
  • Designed to reduce scan/cycle time when used with EN1000 and EN1001 Series Controls
  • Operating Voltage – 120, 240, 280, 480, 575
  • Interlocks 2 to 8 controls in one cabinet
  • Field expandable – i.e., order as 4 Welder Interlock, expand as needed


Since June 2007, EN1000 and EN1001 Controls with PROM firmware version 619016-002BB and higher have a special P.O. 20 added for use with Welder Interlock. P.O. 20 removes delays associated with Squeeze and Hold times. Use of this Process Output significantly decreases wait times for interlocked welders.


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