Flash/Anneal Welding Controls

The EN1280 Series Control is a microprocessor-based resistance welding control designed specifically for Flash Welding, Upset Welding, and Anneal applications. The EN1280 can store weld sequence parameters, stored in non-volatile memory, in each of 50 unique schedules. Control is simple to program and operate.




  • Unique Annealing Sequence
  • Replaces ENA150 and ENA300
  • Program only necessary parameters


  • 50 Unique Weld Schedules
  • Standard with 150 and 300A Air Cooled Contactors
  • Error Code Display
  • Flash Weld Sequence Initiation
  • Individual Upset Time and Upset Percent Current
  • Anneal Initiation Input
  • Manual Current Adjustment

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