WS4000 Series


The WS4000 Series is a control system which is flexible and versatile, with features evolved from high-level automation installations. It has an extensive range of welding features and supports a number of communication networks through options and accessory adapters.



Spec Sheet: 760006_2014.pdf



  • Common processor platform for dedicated robot installations, hard automation, and manual welding stations
  • Independent control of one or two welding guns
  • Proportional Valve I/O standard (0-10 V or 4-20 mA)
  • Extensive monitoring and diagnostics
  • Common software with multi-mode operation


  • WS4000S – Advanced Seam Welding control with data recording functions
  • WS4000A – Aerospace Welding control with data recording functions as well as dual proportional regulation
  • Multiple fieldbus adapters – Profibus FMS; Interbus S; Profibus DP; DeviceNet; ControlNet; Ethernet; Interbus PCP


  • 192 weld programs
  • 128 monitoring programs
  • 24 electrode management programs
  • Three-interval welding sequence
  • Constant Current or Phase Angle control modes
  • RS232
  • Advanced security with password locks and Access Level Interface Customization


WS98-4000/4000S/4000A PC Programming/Monitoring Software


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