WS700 Flat Pak

Constant Current Controls in Kit Form

The WS700 Flat Pak Kit is a complete Constant Current control ready to mount in customer-provided enclosure. Includes Timer, Firing Card, SCR, and Power Supply. The WS700 control is a high accuracy resistance weld processor which is easy to use and economical. The design includes an extensive range of features, providing 64 welding programs, constant current control, current monitoring and built-in machine sequencer.



Brochure: WS700FP.pdf



  • Current Monitoring: High/Low limits and Pre-limit, programmable blocking
  • Primary or Secondary feedback via Toroid or CT


  • 3 Power Options – No SCR; water-cooled SCR sized for up to 150 kVA; water-cooled SCR sized for up to 300 kVA
  • Option to fire existing SCR
  • Secondary Toroids


  • Primary CT for current monitoring
  • Spot welding
  • Dual weld intervals plus Pulsation
  • Constant Current regulation
  • 64 weld programs
  • Internal or external program selection
  • Retract/High-lift control
  • Weld Counter (programmable blocking)
  • Primary CT provided if unit has SCR installed
  • Toroid and CT calibration functions
  • Toroid test function
  • Disable programming function
  • Large backlit 4x20 LCD display

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