Brake-shoe Weld Processor

The WS700B is a high accuracy resistance weld processor which has been designed specifically for ’Brake-shoe’ appli- cations. The design is very compact with an extensive range of features. The WS700B provides 64 welding programs, each of which may have settings for up to 16 projections and an extended range of functionality including constant current control, current monitoring as well as many other features shown overleaf. Because of its highly compact con- struction the WS700B lends itself to integration into customer control cabinets and retrofits, as well as completely self contained resistance welding control applications. The controls have a very thin profile and hence they lend them- selves to door mounting. Connections to the units are plug-in, resulting in a changeover time of just a few minutes. For full functionality please see next page.




  •  Up to 16 spot/projection welds per program.
  • 64 Programs (internally or externally selected).
  • Constant current regulation of % Phase angel control.
  • Current monitoring (high/low limits for each spot).
  • Proportional valve controller (0...10V).
  • Pressure monitoring (High/Low limits).
  • Part Counter with programmable blocking.
  • Primary or Secondary feedback via Toroid or CT.
  • Toroid and PV calibration functions.
  • Toroid test function.
  • Large 4 x 20 character display.
  • RS232 port for PC communications and print out of weld data.

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