WS500 BCM Control

AC Welding Controls

The WS500 BCM Control Cabinet is designed to provide a compact, durable and user-friendly control solution.

The WS500 timer can be door or cabinet side mounted as standard.

The WS500 BCM control is available to with a range of circuit breakers from 125 up to 250 Amps and SCR’s (150M to 300M) depending on your Welding Transformer KVA and resistance welding application, e.g. Spot, Projection or Seam.


Processes Supported by Control

Spot Weld

Projection Weld with Tooling

Crosswire Welding

Butt Weld Post Heat

Butt Weld Single Heat




  • 440 VAC or 220 VAC operation
  • 50 Hz or 60 Hz operation
  • 24 VDC Inputs/Outputs
  • 4 inputs and 4 outputs plus weld on/off
  • 1 to 8 programs, depending on mode of operation
  • Configurable for Single, Spot, Repeat Spot, Half Cycle, Roll Spot, Seam
  • Two weld intervals, Upslope and Pulsation
  • Retract/High-lift option
  • Counter with configurable lock-out

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