Single Phase AC Cascade Constant Current Controls

The EN6041 Control is a multiple Contactor/Transformer Cascade AC Control designed for diverse welding applications.




  • Control adjusts current output every cycle
  • Current High, Low and Pre limits
  • Pulse Width Monitor
  • PLC compatible via EtherNet/IP or MODBUS Function Code 04, 16 and 43 through low-cost serial (RS232 and RS485) or ethernet interfaces
  • Detachable 128x64 dots graphic (8 lines) LCD Programming Pendant (RPP2) with data backup and 10 foot cable


  • Primary or Secondary Coils
  • Integrated Pressure Sense and Control
  • Water Flow Switch
  • Networking – two Communication Card options:
    • MBTCP/RTU implements Modbus/TCP communication over Ethernet networks or using serial RS232 or RS485 connections
    • EIP/MBTCP implements either EtherNet/IP or Modbus/TCP communication
  • Communication Services Controller (CSC) Option


  • Cascade firing of up to 8 Contactors
  • 8 independent Valve Outputs
  • USB B interface for ENLINK programming
  • USB A Memory Stick Jack for Schedule backup and Weld Log storage
  • Spot or Pulsation Sequence
  • Programmable options: Slope, Preheat, Quench, Temper, Postheat
  • Linked Programs
  • External Schedule Select
  • Event Outputs
  • Advanced Error Outputs
  • 100 Programs/Schedules
  • Programming in phase shift or kA
  • 24 VDC flexible I/O (40 in/24 out); some mapable between weld functions, events and simple I/O sequences (32 in/24 out available for sequencer) with output protection
  • I/O Sequencer/Programmer
  • Stepper with Force and Current Presets
  • Diverse schedule capabilities provide maximum application versatility
  • 2) each 4-20 mA / 0-10V analog input and output provided for pressure sensing and control 
  • Program Select
  • Weld Log (57,600 entries) and Error Log (1,000 entries) with real time clock

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