Microstar 700 Bench Control

Microstar700 Constant Current Bench Controls

The Microstar 700 (MS700) is a self-contained spot welding control and monitor. It uses a Constant Current weld processor with air-cooled thyristors and is particularly suitable for welding a wide range of thin gauge materials in mild steel and stainless steel.




  • Current monitoring: High/Low Current Limit, Pre-limit, programmable blocking
  • Primary or Secondary feedback via Toroid or CT


  • Toroid for secondary monitoring


  • Spot welding
  • ½ Cycle(+), ½ Cycle(-), or Alternating (+/-)
  • Bright vacuum fluorescent display
  • Dual weld intervals plus Pulsation
  • Constant Current regulation or Current Monitor
  • 16 programs – internal or external selection
  • Retract/High-lift control
  • Weld Counter (programmable blocking)
  • Primary CT provided
  • Toroid and CT calibration functions
  • Toroid test function
  • Disable programming function

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