EN6001 Constant Current AC Controls

The EN6001 is a versatile Single Phase AC control. Among its many features, 64 Weld programs, that can be executed as single sequences or chained to produce a variety of sequences. Constant Current – using primary or secondary sensor. The EN6001 provides 3 valve outputs can be used for multi-welding, or other functions depending on application requiring outputs before/after the weld. In additional 6 Programmable inputs and 4 Programmable outputs allow selection of assigned functions such as Retract, Parts counter management, Lockout. The EN6001 Includes a USB port for updates or backups. An Optional Ethernet adapter is available for automation using Ethernet IP control, or Modbus TCP/IP or full data exchange and I/O control. ENLINK 6001 Software is available for programming and monitoring via PC.

Please refer to the EN6001 Bulletin

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Processes Supported by Control

Spot Weld

Spot Repeat weld

Spot Pre Heat with Pulses

Projection Weld with Tooling

Crosswire Welding

Seam Weld

Hotstaking/Rivet Weld

Butt Weld Post Heat

Butt Weld Single Heat




  • Program Lockout (key switch)
  • Weld/No Weld Switch
  • Water Flow Switch
  • Counter Reset Pushbutton
  • Optional Mode Switch (program Lockout and Weld/No Weld)
  • Plug-in Ethernet card provides PLC compatibility via Modbus and E/IP for remote I/O

Technical Specifications


  • Low cost
  • Easier to program
  • More I/O
  • USB backup Port
  • Schedule Number: 0 to 63
  • Squeeze Delay: 0 to 99 cycles
  • Squeeze: 0 to 99 cycles
  • Valve Mode: None / All combinations of 3 valves
  • Weld1: 0 to 99 cycles
  • Weld1 Current Regulation Mode: Phase Shift / Constant Current
  • Heat1: 0 to 99%
  • Current1: 0 to 100.00 kA
  • Cool1: 0 to 99 cycles
  • Slope: 0 to 99 cycles
  • Weld2: 0 to 99 cycles
  • Weld2 Current Regulation Mode: Phase Shift / Constant Current
  • Heat2: 0 to 99%
  • Current2: 0 to 100.00 kA
  • Cool2: 0 to 99 cycles
  • Hold: 0 to 99 cycles
  • Off: 0 to 99 cycles
  • Impulses: 1 to 99 cycles
  • Heat/Current Offset: -15 to +15%
  • Cycle Mode: Non-repeat / Repeat / Chained / Successive / Wait-here


  • Constant current regulation; Primary / Secondary feedback
  • Phase shift monitor
  • Current monitoring with high, low, and pre-limits
  • Up to 64 programs (internal or 16 external selection)
  • Six (6) inputs and four (4) outputs with output protection on CPU
  • Electrode management functions, including stepping, tip-dressing and preset curves
  • Welding programs may be linked together for complex spot schedules (chained or successive) Refresh firmware through USB device
  • Load/export control settings from/to USB device
  • AC 60/50 Hz welding supported
  • Spot / Pulsation / Seam welding / Flash or Butt welding / Brazing
  • Multiple weld intervals plus pulsation, upslope and downslope
  • Air-over-oil gun operation
  • Retraction – maintained, and momentary
  • Water Saver (contactor timer)
  • Head lock function
  • Half-cycle operation (Alt. / Pos. / Neg.)

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