Butt or Flash Weld Controls with Anneal Sequence

 The EN1380 Series Control is a microprocessor-based resistance welding control designed specifically for Flash Welding or Butt Welding with Upset and Annealing sequences. One outstanding feature (optional) is its ability to allow the operator concurrent adjustment during an initiated sequence (during Anneal time). Pilot initiation connections are dedicated for independent sequencing of Weld and Anneal sequences.




  • Beat/Anneal 2 Heat sequences with Pulsation
  • Butt Welding with Pulsation
  • Dedicated Initiations for Welding and Annealing


  • Rotary Input Board – allows for manual adjustment of weld current
  • Water Flow Switch


  • Flash Weld Sequence Initiation
  • Anneal Sequence Initiation
  • Uses familiar front panel Flash/Butt Weld terminology
  • One Schedule stores both Weld and Anneal sequences
  • Dedicated Clamp, Squeeze, and Process Output Valves

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