EN7000 Constant Current AC Controls with Advanced Features

EN7000v2 is the next generation of our SINGLE PHASE AC / 3 PHASE DC Constant Current Control for 50/60 Hz welding applications. The EN7000v2 can be configured to suit your Resistance Spot, Projection, Seam, Crosswire, Hot staking and Heating applications and can be used with a range of thyristor contactors. To reduce capital equipment costs, the EN7000v2 can be configured as Multi-welder (Cascade) control firing up-to 8 AC welding transformers in a flexible sequence. The EN7000v2 comes in 2 formats, with or with-out integrated touch screen programmer. Both formats included include Discreet IO and integrated EIP.

Please refer to the EN7000v2 & EN7000v2-TS Bulletin.


Processes Supported by Control

Spot Weld

Spot Repeat Weld

Spot Pre Heat with Pulses

Projection Weld with Tooling

Crosswire Welding

Seam Weld

Hotstaking/Rivet Weld

Butt Weld Post Heat

Butt Weld Single Heat



EN7000/iPAK2 Video





  • Modbus-TCP/IO (Ethernet)
  • Modbus-RTU (RS485)
  • RS232


  • Discrete I/O
  • Modbus-TCP/IP(Ethernet)
  • Modbus-RTU(RS-485)
  • Plus analog 0-10V


  • Pendant (RS232)
  • HMI RS485
  • HMI or PC Software Ethernet TCP/IP


  • Internal Data-logging up to 6000 records
  • Data can be recorded to hard drive through NetFlash


  • 16 Inputs/ 16 Outputs (short circuit protected )
  • Secondary or Primary Current Regulation
  • Analog Port for Proportional Valve for Weld Force Control
  • 2 Ethernet Ports ( Built In)
  • 1 RS232 Port (Built In)
  • 1 RS485 Port (Built In)
  • Electrode Manager ( Stepper Functions)
  • Minimum 2 Weld Intervals - Pre-heat + Weld
  • Ethernet Programming Access


  • Gear Plate Mount / Remote Mount
  • Pendant or NetFlash Programming


  • Touch Display or NetFlash Programming or Pendant
  • Door Mount / Cabinet mounting

WSP/3 Pendant

  • Easy, Intuitive 4 line display


NetFlash PC Software for Ethernet

  • Easy to use Networked PC. Access for : EN7000. Also: iPAK, and WS2003 via OPTIONAL W293201 adapter
  • PC Programming /Monitoring software
  • Live Data Logging RECORD function. w/timestamp
  • Backup and Restore Functions for program/data
  • Firmware Update Utility

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