Flat Plate Controls


Flat Plate Controls for most models are designed for use in retrofit situations or in new or custom designs. Controls are supplied at a component/kit level and require mounting in an enclosure. SCRs are purchased separately. Five design choices – 11x11 Flat Plate, 13x19 Flat Plate, 21x21 Flat Plate, Cascade Flat Plate, and IMU (Integrated Modular Unit).






  • Multiple configurations allow integration into various machine types and styles
  • Single contactor controls
  • Multiple contactor controls
  • Cascade Flat Plate designed to ease retrofit of older ENTRON controls
  • Use in retrofit, new or custom designs
  • Keeps shipping costs economical
  • Customize designs to match existing systems


  • Networking – provides communication to multiple controls
  • Remote Data Accessories – enables remote programming and backup functions
  • External Binary Schedule Select (S49 or S99)
  • Integrated Pressure Sense and Control


  • Standard ENTRON product in component form
  • Various ENTRON models available
  • Five basic design choices
  • Use to retrofit older ENTRON controls to current technology
  • Use to retrofit competitor’s controls to current ENTRON technology; complete with special
  • hardware and precautionary labeling
  • SCR Contactors available at discount when ordered with Flat Plate Control

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