iPAK and iPAK2

Medium Frequency DC Inverter Controls

iPAK2 is the next generation of our integrated timer/controller/inverter system for MF resistance welding. Like the original iPAK, the iPAK2 control section is housed in a cassette-type casing, which simply mounts onto the power pack for ease of maintenance and continues to deliver millisecond precision, constant current and constant power operation, comprehensive monitoring, along with new features to assure your weld quality. Please refer to the iPAK2 CPU Bulletin below.






  • Current/Power Monitoring: High/Low limits and Pre-limit
  • Proportional valve controller (0-10 V)
  • Pressure Monitoring: High/Low limits
  • Up to 2 analog inputs (2 x 0-10 V)
  • High Current Output configurations – up to 300 kA weld current capability, higher on special applications


  • Constant Voltage regulation / Constant Power
  • Isolation Contactors
  • Fieldbus Interfaces – InterBus-S, Profibus DP and DeviceNet
  • ELR/1 Earth-leakage Relay
  • ELCR/1 Machine Protection Device
  • WSP3 hand-held Programming Pendant


  • Spot / Repeat / Roll-spot / Seam (dual heat) / Seam (preheat)
  • Pulsation, Upslope and Downslope
  • 3 weld intervals per program (Preheat and Weld)
  • 256 programs (internal or external selection)
  • Constant Current regulation
  • Programmable blocking on fault
  • Weld Log keeps history of recent welds
  • Programmable outputs (events)
  • Retract/High-lift control
  • Single or dual gun operation
  • OHMA (Air over Oil) gun operation
  • Linked weld programs for multiple spot sequences


  • Netflash

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