Medium Frequency DC Inverter Controls

iPAK2v2 is the next generation of our integrated timer/controller/inverter system for MF resistance welding. Like the original iPAK and iPAK2 the iPAK2v2 (comes with integrated EIP) control section is housed in a cassette-type casing, which simply mounts onto the inverter for ease of maintenance and continues to deliver millisecond precision, constant current operation and comprehensive monitoring which assure’ s your weld quality. The iPAK2v2 can be configured to suit your Resistance Spot, Projection, Seam, Crosswire, Hot staking and Heating applications and can be used with our range of energy efficient Inverters ranging from 100A to 6000A. To reduce capital equipment costs, the iPAK2v2 can be configured as Multi-welder (Cascade) control firing up-to 8 MF DC welding transformers in a flexible sequence.

Please refer to the iPAK2v2 CPU Bulletin.


Processes Supported by Control

Spot Weld

Spot Repeat Weld

Spot Pre Heat with Pulses

Projection Weld with Tooling

Crosswire Welding

Seam Weld

Hotstaking/Rivet Weld

Butt Weld Post Heat

Butt Weld Single Heat








  • Linked programming
  • Current Monitoring: High/Low limits and Pre-limit
  • Proportional valve controller (0-10 V)
  • Pressure Monitoring: High/Low limits
  • Analog Mode control (0-10 V)
  • High Current Output configurations – up to 300 kA weld current capability, higher on special applications
  • C-Shunt and Wear monitoring
  • Duty-cycle limiter
  • Real-time clock
  • Air-valve outputs 8
  • Short circuit proof outputs


  • Range of circuit breaker options (with or without ground fault protection)
  • ELR/2 Machine Protection Device (LMI's)
  • 3-phase line voltage monitor
  • Ethernet switch
  • Isolation Contactors
  • Programming tools WSP3 and NetFlash software


  • 256 weld programs (schedules).
  • 3 weld Intervals — Pre-heat + Main weld + Post heat.
  • Cascade / multivalve operation.
  • Up to 8 transformers and 8 main valve (WAV) outputs.
  • 7 auxiliary valves under program control.
  • 16 Inputs/ 16 Outputs (short circuit protected). Dedicated function.
  • Secondary or Primary current regulation.
  • Ethernet (2 simultaneous connections).
  • Ethernet/IP built-in on iPAK2v2. Optional adapter required on iPAK2.
  • RS232 Port.
  • RS485 Port.
  • Analog Port connects to Proportional Valve for weld force control, or can output a measured current waveform. Can also be used for direct analog control function.
  • Force profiling.
  • Electrode manager (Stepper functions) for up to 8 electrodes.
  • Current and force monitor.
  • C-Monitor checks for secondary circuit shunt or wear conditions.
  • Seam mode—change programs ‘on the fly’, up to 8 MOTOR command outputs.
  • Standard features mode reduces the available options for simple applications.
  • Feature and programming format common with EN7000 AC control.


  • Netflash

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